En Sevdiğim Ürünler Video #Mürekkep ve Cevirlen Baskılar

Merhaba Arkadaşlar. Ben daha önce bu video post edecektim ama Türkiyedeken internetim yavaş çalışıyordu ve bunu upload yapamadım. Bu video biraz uzun ama hem mürekkep hakkında hemde bu yeni ‘Cevirlen Baskı’ hakkında. Videoden sonra ürünler nerede satın alınır gösteriyorum.

Bahsetiğim madeni para kılıfı……burada satın alınır  https://www.amazon.com/BCW-20-Pocket-Pages-Pocket-Size/dp/B002KDNAU2/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1542380315&sr=8-14&keywords=coin+collection+supplies

Bahsettiğim mürekkepler….…burada satın alınır…https://www.simonsaysstamp.com/product/Altenew-48-MINI-CUBE-INK-PAD-SET-ALT1555-ALT1555?currency=USD

Bahsettiğim baskı tabağı……burada satın alınır…https://www.simonsaysstamp.com/product/Tim-Holtz-Tonic-Craft-STAMP-PLATFORM-1708E-1708E?currency=USD

Bahsettiğim ‘Cevirlen’ baskılar……burada satın alıır…https://www.simonsaysstamp.com/search?currency=USD&q=concord+and+9th+turnabout+stamps

ve burada…https://concordand9th.com/search?q=turnabout+stamps

I love the Concord and 9th Turnabout stamps. This idea has really brought a new dimension into stamping! I love that you can have a multi colored image. Such a creative idea mixed with engineering!! Of course you need a good supply of coordinating colored inks to make true use of these stamps. Altenew Crisp Dye Inks are just the thing. You can follow the link above to buy the 48 cube inks which are packaged in coordinating colors. Even if you don’t speak Turkish you can watch the video to get a better look at them. I am loving these new companies www.altenew.com and www.concordand9th.com which have brought new ideas and life (!) into the stamping industry.

Sevgilerle – Karen Hanım



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