Altenew Academy 2’ci Düzey Projesi -Level 2 Final Project

Merhaba Arkadaşlar. Bugün uzun bir postum var çünkü Altenew Academynin 2’ci düze sınavı var. Üç tane 30×30 scrapbook sayfa ve 5 tane tekniği anlatmam lazım. Bu üç sayfa ‘Abimden Dersler’ 1 ,2 ve 3 var. Uzun uzun anlattım İngilizcede ama Türkçede kısa anlatıyorum. Fotoğraflardan anlarsın zaten.

Hi Friends. So for today I have my Altenew Academy Level 2 Final Project and its’ explanation. I chose to do 3 scrapbook pages. My three pages are for my youngest grandchild and they all all entitled ‘Lessons from my Big Brother’. I had such fun doing this project. I had some really cute pictures that needed their story told! For my first page and my first technique, I started out using a Heat Emboss Resist Techique from the ‘Impressive Heat Embossing’ class.

Emboss teknikler çok çok sevdiğim bir şey. Burada emboss ettikten sonra imajimi mürekkep ile doldurup kestim.

First I heat embossed an image from the Altenew Botanıcal Silhouettes stamp set. I used their ‘golden peach’ embossing powder. I then covered the images in Altenew crisp ink with a blending tool being sure to wipe off the ink from the embossed portion of the images. I then cut out the images with the coordinating die.

I left one image with a white background to create some interest and layered the circles across my page.

For my second technique I used a stencil overlay from the ‘Celebration-Stencil Techniques’ class. First I did a wash on my paper using Peach Perfect Altenew ink.

Bir parça desenli kağıt yapmak için ilk önce mürekkep ile kağıdıma renk kattim. Sonra bir şablon ile daha koyu bir renkli mürekkep ile desen kattım.

After it was dry I used an Altenew stencil and their Dark Chocolate Crisp Ink to create a design on my paper.

I then went through several possible layout options. I ended up thinking that less was more and removed some of the paper pieces that I had originally planned.

Sayfam deseni için bir kaç şey denedim. En sonunda ‘daha az daha iyi’ olduğunu diye düşündüm.

You will notice that on my final page (shown at the beginning) I added three flower buttons to help the viewers eye move around the page.

For my second page, Lessons from my Big Brother 2, I started out with a large oblong picture that would span most of my 12×12 page.

İkici sayfam için dar ve uzun bir fotoğrafı kullandım. Beyaz kağıda copic kalemler ispirtosu ile karıştırdım ve bir firça ile sayfama püskürtüm.

For my third technique I added interest to my white cardstock by using the ‘spattering technique’ from the ‘Magical Marker Techniques’ class.

This is done by smearing some alcohol marker onto a a craft map and then adding some alcohol and then taking a brush to splatter it onto your paper.

It difficult to see in the picture here but it gave just the right amount of color to my page.

Sayfamda büyük bir aksesuar lazımdı. Bunu yapmak için bir zürafalı vagon yaptım. Vagon yapmak için bir iki taraflı sallanan kart tekniği kullandım. Daha önce bu tekniği kartlar için anlatmıştım ama bu sefer hem önü hemde arkayı asetat ile kaplanır.

For my fourth technique I created a center embelishment (a giraffe train car) using the Altenew Baby Zoo stamp and die set. I love how this set layers the animals. I also colored the giraffe spots as was done in the ‘With a Twist’ class. I used the ‘Acetate with a Twist’ from that class to create my giraffe wagon.

I covered my string in glue to make it stiff enough to stay on the page in a curled fashion. It was much easier to get the correct placement that way.

My third and final page and my fifth technique was made from the ‘Make It Unexpected’ lesson from the’With a Twist’ class. My story is about a red tent but also about having it snow in the city and having all of the parks close down. At first I was stumped on how to put these two opposing concepts together. After shorting through my older pattern papers I came across the perfect solution. A winter paper using a cold aqua color mixed with spots of red!

Üçüncü sayfam için değişik renk kombinasiyon kullandım. Bu sayfa hem bir kırmızı çadır hakkında hemde Istanbulda kar yağmak hakkında.

I started with the snowman paper and then built up my page design from there.

I wanted my page to communicate that this was city life so I added a stenciled city scape using the Altenew ‘City Scene Stencil’ and Altenew crisp inks to layer the pattern.

Şehir havası katmak için ben tekrar bir şablon kullanarak bir desenli kağıt yaptım.

I then wrote out my journaling and added it to the side.

I then added my pictures and later the title.

En son beyaz yerler kapatmak için bol bol kar taneler kestim ve yaptıştırdım.

I wanted to include embelishments especially in the white spaces to I added tons of snow flakes cut out of coordinating papers as well as some subtle glitter sticker paper.

One of the things I really had fun with on this project was writing the little poetry sayings for each of the pages. I can’t wait to see these two little boys! I will be hugging them in less than a week! Sincerely – Karen Hanim

Gerçekten bu üç sayfa severek yaptım. Torunlarımı çok yakında göreceğim! Dört gözle bekliyorum! Sevgilerle – Karen Hanım

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4 Responses to Altenew Academy 2’ci Düzey Projesi -Level 2 Final Project

  1. Virginia L. says:

    Awesome effort and design with the layout, Karen! I love that you stamped out and embossed the details for your pages! They are truly a labor of love! I am so glad that you enter your beautiful work in Altenew AECP assignment Gallery. Awesome details and design! Super work!

  2. Erum Tasneem says:

    Your layouts are incredible! Love all the details.
    Thanks so much for entering your beautiful work in the AECP assignment Gallery. Beautiful colors and design. Well done!

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